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"Going the Distance" to Ensure QUALITY not Quantity!
37 Years in the Breed

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Pictured: Ch. Shal-Mar's Lucas McCain & Ch. Shal-Mar's Amicable Asian Jet
Bred By: Gerrie Hart of Shal-Mar Manchesters
Insets:WhirlWynd's Catch Me If You Can ~ Capri ~
Bred by:Kathy (Bradley) Nissen

Our Belief...

Lengthy - but information we feel is of utmost importance as you search for your Standard/Toy Manchester Terrier so please take the time it will take to thoroughly read the information on this page in its entireity - you will be very glad you did....
Some of what is said here may seem harsh but it's up front and truly how a majority of ethical Manchester breeders feel....
After all, don't you want a happy, well adjusted, healthy, quality Manchester Terrier? That is why we are here.

IMPORTANT - AKC Registration Papers...

ALWAYS...ALWAYS make SURE you obtain/receive the AKC Registration form for your puppy/dog no matter where or from whom you get your dog! Never let a breeder withhold AKC paperwork! If they ask less money for the dog without papers, or offer it to you for free, do not take the puppy/dog! You are getting a purebred dog and those papers go with the dog regardless of whether the breeder claims the dog is pet or show quality! In other words..if you don't get the papers, don't take the dog! An ethical and reputable breeder will always provide you with your new companion's AKC registration form, immunization record, pedigree, breed information and nutrition requirements just to name a few things.

I can not stress this point enough! No papers, red flag and buyer beware!

WhirlWynd Manchesters is a firm believer in the AKC breed standard of perfection, and our goal is to maintain the selective breeding of 'Quality' Manchester Terriers - thus - producing correct type, size, sound, quality Standard Manchester Terriers that fall well within the breed's AKC Standard of Perfection ~ Quality comes first. By only breeding one, perhaps two, litters a year in our home, this ensures that we are able to devote ourselves to providing the many hours needed for proper care and socialization of our puppies so that we, in turn, are able to provide you with a happy, healthy, well socialized, family oriented, quality puppy that will easily make the transition from our home to yours.

I could not have said this better myself:

As quoted by Dr. Ian Dunbar, noted canine behaviorist/trainer and author of Before & After Getting Your Puppy: "Avoid puppies who have been raised in an outdoor run or kennel. Remember, you want a puppy to share your home, so look for a puppy who has been raised in a home. Basement and kennel raised puppies are certainly not pet-quality dogs. They are "livestock" on par with veal calves and factory hens. They are neither housetrained nor socialized, and they do not make good companions. Look for litters that have been born and raised in a kitchen or living room."

About Us...

We don't breed for profit. We don't profess to be a top breeding kennel (there is no such thing). We don't enter multiple puppies/dogs from litters we've bred or co-bred to 'build points' at AKC dog shows in order to finish the championship title of one dog then another and another so we can boast about the number of champion dogs we produce. This is known as kennel packing and is highly frowned upon by ethical and reputable breeders, as well as, the breed's Parent Club and the American Kennel Club. We don't produce several litters at one time or one after another or within a year nor do we profess to be a top breeding kennel with multiple champion or non champion stud dogs and/or brood bitches living in kennel buildings/runs that produce litter after litter year round (contrary to what you may see on the internet or are told by some breeders, Manchester Terriers do not do well when raised in or living in kennel situations). Our puppies are never removed from our home environment - after weaned from their mother or any time -to a kennel environment - they always remain in our home up until they are placed with their new families - they can not receive proper care or socialization by only seeing people a few times a day if they are living in a kennel run. Owning and loving several dogs is one thing, owning and breeding multiple dogs with multiple litters being constantly produced is considered highly questionable. If there are multiple dogs/puppies living on the breeder's premises, they are breeding quantity - not - quality and can not be and are not considered a hobby kennel regardless of how they are licensed or what they profess themselves to be.

Our dogs and puppies are also very important members of our family. They live in our home, snuggling with us on the couch on our laps and generally, our adult Manchesters end up sleeping in our beds at night. We have only the best interest of this beautiful breed at heart. Manchesters thrive on love and attention from their 'people' and our dogs receive that and more here at WhirlWynd. They should never be raised in or spend a majority of their life living in a kennel run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - they are not a breed that should be kept outside all the time whether in a climate controlled kennel building or not. Manchester Terriers are loving family oriented dogs and should live in the house so they can constantly shower you with lots of cuddling and affection and companionship.


There is no need for us to try to impress you by "searching the world over" to "bring in the best" when beautiful examples of the Manchester Terrier with exquisite bloodlines can be found and utilized right here in North America - our own backyard - the quality of our dogs and the puppies bred by WhirlWynd along with their wonderful temperaments, attest to that. By utilizing the beautiful quality Manchester Terriers found right here, our Manchesters can and will only continue to improve.

Granted, the genepool is fairly limited here in North America but we have the ability to get a 'hands on' knowledge of those dogs available to us for utilization in our breeding program - whether by 'natural breeding' or 'artificially' - and by working closely with their breeders, we feel there is a wealth of quality right here within our grasp. With over twenty years of dedication and love for this beautiful breed, rest assured you will only acquire a puppy of extreme quality from WhirlWynd - we take pride in the Manchesters we produce and an ethical breeder will not always have puppies available.

We breed only to improve upon our lovely Manchesters not to mass produce puppies or to always have puppies available. We put alot of time and effort in to our decision as to what stud dog would best compliment and benefit our ideals for the ideal Manchester Terrier. We do not take breeding lightly which is another reason you won't always find puppies available from us. Breeding for quality takes a great deal of time, hard work, and effort in researching and planning a proposed breeding.


It is our belief that "breeders" professing to have several litters planned or due or that continually have puppies, young adults or older dogs available or puppies from future litters already reserved - per year - whether Manchesters or another breed, are generally breeding quantity instead of QUALITY.

* REMEMBER * A highly reputable and ethical breeder will normally only produce one or two litters per year - more than that tends to raise a "red flag" to those of us who genuinely have the best interest of this breed at heart. Also, their puppies and dogs should not be living in kennel buildings/runs (no matter how nice the facilities appear to be). Manchesters just can not receive the proper attention they need or be properly cared for or socialized when living in an environment outside of the home. Don't be taken in by impressive records or kennel facilities - these things can be and often are extremely deceiving. If a breeder states that you should only go to those breeders having a fairly large breeding kennel (over 5-6 dogs in total) because they are healthier and better socialized, think again. Can that many dogs be healthy and structurally and temperamentally sound? Ask yourself how the dogs/puppies get the necessary one on one human to dog contact they desperately need to develop stable temperaments. When mulitple dogs live together, this also instills "pack behavior" and unstable temperaments. Play fighting often becomes pack order fighting - do you want a manchester with possible future agression or behavior issues? Kennel fencing may separate dogs but it does not separate attitudes. So when choosing a breeder, take your time and make your decision wisely when determining from whom you will get your puppy, whether from WhirlWynd or another reputable breeder that we might recommend to you. Proper socialization in the breeders' home is the key to a happy healthy well adjusted Manchester Terrier and isn't that why you are looking for one of these fantastic dogs?

MOST OF ALL: ASK QUESTIONS - a page of excellent questions for you to ask any breeder has been set up on this website (see link below) to assist you as you search for a reputable/ethical breeder and quality puppy. If a breeder won't be up front with you regarding one or more of these questions..our advice is that you look elswhere. Feel free to print it for your use.

When Looking For A Reputable Breeder...
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* Disclaimer: WhirlWynd Manchester Terriers has provided you with the information contained on this webpage solely as a tool to assist you in finding an ethical and reputable breeder. We are in no way making reference to any particular breeder of Manchester Terrier but there are those you should be made aware of. We are only trying to provide you with important educational information as you search for your future beloved companion and feel that by providing you with this information, you will have better knowledge of what to look for in a true ethical breeder. *

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