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Devoted to Preserving Sound Quality Correct Manchester Terriers

The Beginning...

June 22, 1982, a little black and tan Manchester Terrier puppy came into my life. Little did
I know the impact this cute little dog would have on my life! The devotion that this dog had
for me was beyond anything I could ever comprehend. We were soul mates, buddies, and there was a bond between us that is indescribable. My life was truly changed when "Billy" came into my life, because so many new and wonderful doors opened that, back then, I had only read about.

I was exposed to a whole new world once I started getting interested in the "World of Dogs"!

Finding out that Manchesters can truly be a very busy breed, I did what most responsible dog owners do. Took obedience classes! Well, one thing lead to another and next thing I know, I entered my first obedience trial. That first trial can be a pretty scary thing but when we finished all of the exercises and were told we'd qualified, I KNEW I'd been bitten by the "BUG"...so on we went to more trials and in five trials, Billy obtained his Companion Dog title.

While exhibiting in obedience, I'd met many nice people with the same interests as mine so we began forming what is now the Heart of Iowa Kennel Club located in Marshalltown, Iowa. For several years after formation, I held the offices of Secretary/Treasurer and became more heavily involved with exhibiting in the Conformation ring.

Boy, I thought the obedience ring gave me the jitters!! I was so nervous at the first show I'd entered Billy in, that I had a good friend take him in the ring for me! Low and behold, Billy took the Breed win that day under a wonderful judge, Margaret Young! I was SO excited that I thought, "Hey I can do this" so once again, on we went to finish Billy's Championship! He became "Ch. KaJack's Dynamic Whirlwind, C.D."

Hence, the beginning of WhirlWynd Standard Manchester Terriers....

Following our years in the obedience and breed rings, we spent a lot of time traveling to nursing homes, doing public relations exhibitions and many many fun things but most of all, Billy was my devoted companion and when the kids were born, their protector. I also met many dear friends whom I continue endearing friendships some forty years later. Billy gave his family 15 wonderful years of love, devotion and companionship. He crossed Rainbow Bridge in December of 1997, two months short of his 16th birthday.

The Now...
For 40 years, I have been deeply devoted to the Manchester Terrier. Their inner and outter beauty, their attitude, their devotion, has forever been engrained in what I consider my true devotion to this breed.

Even though I have been deeply involved with this breed for 40 years, my thirst for knowledge will never be fully quenched. I am the first to admit, I do not nor will I ever know all there is to know. What I hope WhirlWynd will become known for, is our devotion to promoting the breeding of sound correct quality Standard Manchester Terriers.

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