Canty's Lady N Red V WhirlWynd
~ Scarlet ~

Scarlet came to us from Dwight & Janet Varner of Canty Manchesters in Illinois. Whelped January 23, 2002, Scarlet is vWD clear, dark almond shaped eyes and a temperament that is beyond sweet, to name a few of her qualities! While at WhirlWynd, Scarlet was the constant companion of my daughter - something about my daughter seems to draw all of my dogs to her!

Scarlet is now the constant companion of Ruth Simison - Ruth and Scarlet go everywhere together - even to her auto mechanic's when she has her car serviced! I guess if Scarlet isn't with Ruth, the guys ask how come she didn't get to come with her...Scarlet is living the life of luxury with Ruth and I could not have found a better gal for Scarlet to snuggle with.

I've known and shown with Janet and Dwight for many years. Their dogs are their beloved companions and members of their family above all else, and they have a sincere love, devotion and dedication to this beautiful breed. For over 20 years they've bred many American, Canadian and International Champions of both the Standard and Toy varieties, with many in the AMTC Hall of Fame which shows they truly are deeply devoted and dedicated to breeding quality Manchesters.
Many many thanks to my good friends for allowing this sweetheart of a girl to "share a recliner" with the rest of the Manchesters that have warmed our hearts and beds at WhirlWynd!

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